Privacy & Data Protection Legal Services

Aviv Eilon & Co supports its clients with legal advice on privacy and data protection regulation around the world means. The team of the law firm maps the potential risks of negligence or violation of all relevant data protection and privacy regulation, provides the content, the tools and the guidance for a smooth and quick organisational legal-digital transformation. The clients of the law firm receive extensive support in implementing statutory requirements, procedures, agreements, and other applicable local and international compliance requirements. 

  • Advising on compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, in social media use, cloud computing compliance
  • Assisting with regulations over the data processor obligations/clauses in contracts with the customers and suppliers
  • Development of data security policies and their implementation, including data retention and destruction policies
  • Data protection in mobile apps and other digital products
  • Preparation of legal frameworks for international data transfers
  • Assessing network and data security compliance
  • Assisting with internal investigations in data breach cases
  • Providing data privacy specific due diligence in mergers and acquisitions
  • Resolving security incidents, including competitive espionage and proprietary data leaks
  • Advising on cookies, behavioral advertising and other marketing activities

In unfortunate events of cyber intrusion and different types of data breaches, the law firm provides the clients with comprehensive support and all relevant guidance for a swift recovery.