Defamation Legal Services

Aviv Eilon & Co has extensive experience defending and pursuing defamation claims, including malicious online advertising through various technologies. The law firm protects companies, brands and individuals from unfair reputational attacks that present an increasing threat in the competitive information environment. The team of the law firm knows how to navigate the complexities of freedom of speech laws and advises on the risks and remedies for publishing false and misleading information. 

  • Screening of online resources in search for signs of defamation, libel and slander
  • Counteracting malicious online advertising and unfair trade practices
  • Defense in unfair reputational attacks
  • Ensuring awarding damages to the clients in defamation cases
  • Negotiating and drafting settlement agreements
  • Collection of relevant evidence
  • Discovery of the author or owner of the source of publication for litigation purposes
  • Proof of the losses by the clients, including lost profit
  • Ensuring publishing apology letters for clients
  • Representation of clients in courts of all instances

The goal of Aviv Eilon & Co is to act as a trusted adviser to its clients, manage a range of risks, and coordinate multiple legal issues, including defamation, product disparagement, and unfair trade practices.