Cyber Legal Services

With a focus on practical and end-to-end guidance, Aviv Eilon & Co successfully deals with issues related to piracy, hacking, copying, tampering and misuse of the client’s proprietary digital assets, assessing network/data security, preventing and responding to cyber-attacks and data breaches. The firm handles litigation concerning injuries or damages arising from unauthorized collection, use, or loss of personal or confidential information and violations of reasonable expectations of privacy

  • Counteracting cyber piracy and hacking
  • Cybersecurity breach management, privacy impact assessments
  • Fighting tampering and misuse of the clients’ proprietary digital assets
  • Assessing network and data security issues
  • Preventing and responding to cyber-attacks and data breaches
  • Handling claims of damages from misuse of confidential information
  • Support in cyber harassment and cyberbullying cases
  • Defense in cyber fraud cases

Aviv Eilon & Co assists victims of cyber harassment, cyberbullying, and cyber fraud, providing custom-tailored legal solutions.