Contracts Legal Services

Aviv Eilon & Co clients deal daily with various interactions, dealings, and contracts that bind them to their suppliers, customers, licensors, distributors, and other strategic partners.

The firm advises on international commercial transactions, sourcing and procurement, sales, agency and distribution, e-commerce, joint ventures and collaborations, manufacturing, logistics, licensing arrangements, research and development, digital and business transformation, to name a few.

  • Negotiating the terms of agreements on behalf of clients
  • Drafting various contracts in IT, Intellectual property, Construction and Real estate, Employment, M&A, Investment, Franchise and other industries
  • Signing contracts on behalf of clients on the basis of Powers of attorney
  • Notarization of the agreements and other legal instruments
  • Preparation of contractual templates for ongoing use by clients
  • Advice on jurisdiction and arbitration
  • Legal enforcement of contracts in Israel and Ukraine
  • Resolution of disputes arising out of contracts
  • Ongoing contract management

The firm drafts the contracts, negotiates, supports the execution of the agreements, provides ongoing contract management, and when the need arises, provides efficient contractual enforcement solutions.